Obsidian [KFO-Obsidian.rom]

Obsidian [KFO-Obsidian.rom]   Based on a 007 secret missile lab, players have to find their way into the secret base and stop a missile strike.  All while an outbreak has occurred and the mutants have taken over the lab.   Everyone is dead so it is up to whoever is able to stop it. This map has player interactive objectives where players have to interact with the environment and defend each other while they try... Read More

Peak [KFO-Peak.rom]

Peak [KFO-Peak.rom] The latest mission … Really creepy map, based on RE type maps. A recommended fun time. Game time; Aprox 25... Read More

Once Upon A Time In Mexico [KFO-OnceUponATimeInMexico.rom]

Once Upon A Time In Mexico [KFO-OnceUponATimeInMexico.rom] This might not end well and you might end up... Read More

Damnation [KFO-Damnation.rom]

Damnation [KFO-Damnation.rom] One of the 1st Mission maps made for Killing Floor, this map Is based in 1800′s Europe in a town where a cult has been taking over the people for years.  It is now time to put an end to this.  Rescue the trader and clean out all opposition in this fast passed map.   Gametime Aprox: 55... Read More




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